Harwich is a busy coastal town and international port located on the estuary of the rivers Stour and Orwell in north-east Essex, England.
Harwich Maritime MuseumThe town is a historically important port which has provided a sheltered anchorage for shipping through the ages. The old town of Harwich is a conservation area containing many historic buildings. The neighbouring town of Dovercourt, while appearing much more modern, actually merits a mention in the Domesday Book.
Explore the narrow streets and follow the Heritage Trail or take a conducted tour of the town to enjoy the carefully preserved and restored buildings that date back to the 15th century.
Drink in the history of the town – the naval background, the house of Christopher Jones – Master of the Mayflower, or visit one of the local museums. Take some time to look at the military fortifications dating back to the Dutch and Napoleonic Wars. Or just simply watch the ships go by – it’s up to you!
Historic Harwich offers a wide selection of restaurants serving freshly landed fish, crab and lobster dishes.
Tourist information is available from the Harwich Society office on Ha’Penny Pier at weekends and during local festivals or from the Tendring District Council website